Asiatic lilies: 10 Golden tips to take care of them

Lilium Candidum derives its name from the Greek word leiron. Commonly this beautiful flower is known as the Lily. Lilies can be grouped into five basic categories which are Asiatic Lilies, Oriental lilies, Trumpet lilies, Tiger lilies and Turks cap lilies. Most people believe that lilies bring good luck and prosperity and therefore are abundantly used in wedding and formal occasions in a family. A popular myth surrounding the lily is that the lily was once yellow in color. Only after Virgin Mary selected it that it became pure white in color and was recognized as a symbol of life and fertility. Later on both the Romans and the Spaniards believed and used the medicinal properties of these lilies.

Asiatic LiliesSimple golden rules to understand when growing these lilies

1.    The best time to plant these lilies is during the fall in the months of September and October.

2.    When planting lily bulbs you would need to group them. A regular group could contain three to five lily bulbs. Remember to evenly space out your lily bulbs when you are planting them in the ground. Otherwise they will not grow well.

3.    When planting lily bulbs use an area in your garden which receive abundant sunshine. This would help the lily to grow tall and your lilies would be beautiful too.

4.    Your garden should have a good water drainage system if you are planning to plant water lilies. Otherwise water logging would cause your lily to rot and all your effort would go in waste.

5.    An essential tip which would help your lily survive the winters is covering them with compost. This would help the ground enjoy steady temperatures.

6.    You can also mulch the bulbs and the mulch can be removed once they start growing.

7.    When using a fertilizer to grow your lilies, you can select one which has rich phosphorus content in them. You can fertilize your garden soil during the spring and again during the fall season.

8.    These lilies do not need much watering and they can be conveniently watered once a week and the soil should be able to hold the moisture well.

9.    When growing lilies you have to prune them on a regular basis and do not leave a dead lily flower in its plant for a long time. This would help the plant to be healthy and prevent any production of seed.

10.    Also remove dead lily petals from the flower. Otherwise your lily would suffer from Botrytis Blight.

In the end it can be added that you would require loads of patience when you first start growing these lovely lilies. With time you would be able to understand their needs and grow a few of them in your garden. This hard work of your would not go in waste, as everyday your beautiful lilies would greet you in the morning and calm your senses.

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