How to plant asiatic lilies

When to plant asiatic lilies?

Usually we should plant lily bulbs in autumn, exactly between September and November. It’s great time to do this, because it’s mild outside, there is little wind and a few frosts. Also soils are warm which make it possible for roots to grow. All things considered, asiatic lily is the first to bloom and very easy to grow so be prepared in September !

aasiatic lily photos

How to plant and take care of lilies?

1) Slacken the soil to a depth of eleven to fifteen inches

2) Lilies need a dozy period without watering asiatic lilies planting

3) Plant only in areas where they could get about seven hours of sunshine a day, next to bigger  plants to prevent bulbs from drying out.

4) Make sure that soil is well-drained, because we don’t want our lily bulbs to rotten

5) Put the bulb in the hole which you have to dig (about two times as big as bulb) and fill with the soil

6) Bulbs need space between each other to grow, so dig other holes in distance of about three bulbs.

Easy way to plant lilies:



That’s it !

I hope these advices will help you to plant asiatic lilies as well as other kinds of lilies ( maybe oriental or calla lilies?).




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