Introduction to Asiatic Lilies


Lilies are perennials onion, and their exceptionally beautiful flowers of various colors grow throughout the summer. Asiatic lilies are the largest group of garden lilies, distinctive richness of shapes, colors and habit. They are characterized by a complete frost resistance and low susceptibility to disease. Asiatic lilies are now among the most popular garden hybrids. They are also recommended to people with no experience gardening.

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 General Characteristics

Asian lily flowers do not smell, usually have open, raised cups in the shape of little cup. Leaves narrow to broad, lance-shaped, glossy, green . Body underground is composed of imbricately onions stacked, scales are thick.

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To the group of Asian lilies among the following hybrids. Many of them come from Lilium bulbiferum and Panther (Lilium lancifolium son. Tigrinum).

Brushmarks  – height of 1.3 m, raised flowers, orange with dark red blotch on each petal

Cocktail Twins  – full flowers, brick-red

Connecticut King – height to 90 cm,  bright yellow flowers

Diabora – dark red flowers, black and speckled in the middle

Enchantment  – height 90 cm, produces up to 12 bright, red-orange flowers with black gorges

Fire King – height of 90 cm, orange-red flowers with purple spots




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