Floriculture of lilies

Cultivation of asiatic lilies


We plant lily bulbs immediately after buying in tight permeable and rich in humus soil. They grow best in sunny or semi-shaded places.  Place them at a depth twice the height of the bulbs. Bulbs are planted at a spacing of 30 cm in average garden soil with a pH of 5.5-6.5. Deadline for planting from late August to late October.


We plant 2-3 onions in a pot filled with a substrate of clay with the addition of ground leaf and sand with drainage at the bottom in the form of stones. Diameter of pot should equal to 25 cm. Bulbs placed at a depth of 3 times the amount of onions. During the growth we abundantly irrigate and fertilize once a month fertilizer rich in potassium. Onions should be stored over the winter in pots or boxes of moist peat in a cool, in a dry place.


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