What to look for when buying asiatic lily bulbs

What to look for?

Before buying bulbs try to ask experienced breeders who will help you choose the varieties tested in their backyard. Bear in mind that the majority of Asian and Oriental hybrids from Holland are for acceleration in greenhouses, and not all seem to be good choice in the garden.
Bulb should be firm, without the brown and black spots and indentations on the scales and roots. Must have a healthy and firm roots, if bulbs are dried with withered roots, before planting the bulbs, soak for 24 hours. in lukewarm water. We have to remove sick husks, and then dry it by putting “upsideto drain from between the scales.


Where to plant?

Position in full sun or partial shade and well ventilated. In extreme cases, just 5-6 hours of sunlight is enough. Lilies do not tolerate waterlogged soil and standing near the roots of water, land subsidence, which formed frost hollows.

The best varieties can be planted in the rock gardens, pots. They can also be planted in the pails, buckets, containers and during flowering move on balconies, terraces. For example, buckets with a capacity of 10 liters can store 2-3 medium bulbs. If you plant lilies in front of buildings where is the sun, set a distance of 1.5-2.0 m from the wall, because the wall which is warming-up tilt at an angle up to 45 degrees and the inflorescence is unbalanced. The ideal place is the area of conifers, which are a good backdrop for the lilies and create a favorable microclimate.

Which soil is the best?

a1Soil must be humus, permeable water and air to the roots. To loamy soil we should add peat or coarse sand. For hybrids of Asian lilies, soil should be slightly acidic with a pH of 5.5-6.5.

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