Fertilization: Asiatic Lilies

Where and when?

If we did not give compost before planting, then two weeks after planting the bulbs we should add multicomponent mineral fertilizer with low content of nitrogen and mix it with the soil, in an amount of 20g / m2. In the spring, when the soil isn’t that frozen, water with ammonium sulfate (easily dissolved). As buds begin to appear, fertilize for the last time.

If you have poultry manure, then sprinkle a thin layer on the surface of the soil and leave it permanently, by covering it with litter. After flowering, lily should no longer be fertilized !


From mid-April to the end of July we provide lilies constantly moist soil. Abundantly watered once a week in the amount of 10 liters of water per 1m2. When watering, do not sprinkle the leaves!


Lilies like to have a “hot head and cold feet“ so we mulch the place of planting,. To mulch we can use all organic materials such as peat, leaves, chaff, straw, bark, finely mown grass in a layer of 5 cm, mulching also saves us work, because effectively protects against outgrowing weeds.

Weed Removal

Weeds must be immediately removed by hand it should be remembered that when doing this we should not damage the bulbsThe use of chemicals for weed control is not recommended. Some gardeners also recommend seeding of neighboring lilies cover crops with shallow root system. Dangerous for lily weeds are spikes and provide habitats aphids such as pigweed.

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