Asiatic Lilies

Flowers bring in freshness and peace to your heart, the moment you see them. They can make a women smile when she is very sad and express the most beautiful thoughts. Many health experts advise a walk in the garden early morning or having a flower garden in your home. Both these simple exercises offer therapeutic relief to the mind and this prepares you to face the challenges which life offers you. Have you heard about Asiatic Lilies? These lilies are beautiful flowers which are very easy to grow and with a little care you would have a beautiful garden which would be the envy of many.  Below we have discussed how to select a lily bulb accurately and grow them in your garden.

Asiatic Lilies

How do you select a lily bulb?

Before you buy a few lily bulbs you have to understand that these Asiatic Lilies come in different vibrant colors and a few of them grow in different times of the year. When you are selecting your lily bulb for your garden you have to understand whether these lilies are suitable for your personal requirements. Here it becomes essential that that you understand what the specific requirements are and environmental conditions that your selected lily bulb would need and whether you can provide it. Otherwise you would burn a whole in your pocket. Another important factor to understand is you should never buy any lily bulb from stores, as the bulbs are not fresh and have dried out.

How do you plant these lily bulbs in your garden?

After purchasing your chosen lily bulb, the next challenge you face is planting them in your garden using the appropriate method. Most lily bulbs are planted during the fall or the spring season. A usual question which would come in your mind would be that will the lilies be able to survive the harsh winters? Well, most experts are of the opinion that if a lily bulb is planted in the early days of the fall, before the ground starts freezing it would survive. Also lilies love sunlight therefore plant them in an area in your garden where they receive abundant light for minimum six hours.  It would also not be a good idea to plant the lily bulbs in a shaded area as they do not grow well and tend to lean towards suns direction after they have grown.

How do you take regular care of them?

Asiatic lilies need a little nurturing when you grow them in your garden. A few care guidelines for them are:

1.    Fertilizers are important when you grow your lilies. It would be a good idea to fertilize your garden soil thoroughly before you plant your lily bulbs. Also many manufactures which sell lilies mention the amount of fertilizers needed by these lilies and you can stick to these specifications.

2.     How often do you water the plants in your garden? If you are growing lilies in your garden then you have to sprinkle them with water for a least once a week. Do not wet the lily plants or its leaves. This could lead the plant to have a disease and the plant would die soon.

3.    Never leave a dead lily flower on the plant for long. Remove it. Also keep the leaves when they are brown, as they nourish the bulbs.

4.    Once winter sets in you can mulch your lily plant and this would safeguard them during winters.

5.    After planting your lily bulbs have you noticed that the new bulbs grow well, while the older ones have stopped growing. In this case the problem can be solved by placing the new bulbs in another area where they can enjoy extra nourishment. The older lily plants can be placed in the main area of the garden.

6.    Do not slice your lily bulbs when you are planting them in your garden.

7.    After your lilies have grown and bloomed, you can place a plastic wrap over them. This would help to prevent the bees from spreading pollens over them.